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Third platform

The Galvanisers Union

10 November 2015


Choreography by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn, Lizzie J Klotz, Sarah Louise Kristiansen, Esther Manon Siddique

Surprise performance by Nina von der Werth

Visual art by Vasiliki Stasinaki and Jonna Tideman

Photography by Liz Gorman

Many thanks to The Galvanisers Union team

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Kaleidoscopic, it seems to me, have started something good.

Luke Jennings, The Guardian

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Two pints of lager and a piece of contemporary dance by Nina von der Werth

The piece is designed to 'pop-up' in pubs, and challenge people's opinions about where dance can be seen and who can enjoy it.





Our physical intentions – An extract by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn

Delving into the way daily occurrences cause impact on our mental and physical state, ‘Our Physical Intentions’ explores the process of how our thoughts directly determine and influence our emotions. This cognitive pattern falls into three stages; situation – interpretation – emotional and physical reaction (ABC).



Metallic limbs by Sarah Louise Kristiansen

A physical theatre duet about the physicality of being alive and existing in a human body. Through spoken word and movement two performers take the audience on a journey into the deepest corners of their existence.




To suit by Lizzie J Klotz

A dynamic dance-theatre about the interaction and relationship between Man and Woman. Investigating human communication, the work draws comparisons to animal courtship rituals, specifically the behaviour of birds.



Suitcase – Ein Tanzstück für Zuschauer by Esther Manon Siddique

A curious encounter between the performer, the viewer and an enchanting flower suitcase. If one were to label this performance it would find itself in the field of the participatory where it is celebrating the unpredictable.



PROTECT by Vasiliki Stasinaki

Exposed and vulnerable bodies seeking protection.

Protection that suffocates.

Now and always, here and everywhere.

Sculpture. Embroidery. Quilt.



Jonna Tideman presented a selection of drawings inviting the viewer to share intimate thoughts and moments with the people depicted.

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With support by the IdeasTap Innovators Fund and The Galvanisers Union

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