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Second platform

Part of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival

Testbed1 at The Doodle Bar

6 May 2015


Choreography by Agnese Lanza & Julie Havelund, Giulia Tacconi, Mara Vivas and Rosa Manzi Reid

Dance film by Fenia Kotsopoulou and Julie Schmidt Andreasen & Paul Vernon

Installations by Bea Bonafini and Laura Elias

Music by James Hall

Photography by Abigail Yue Wang, Fenia Kotsopoulou and Paul Vernon

Many thanks to Mark Senior, Sup Dhanasunthorn, IdeasTap Innovators Fund, Cath Mattos and the Wandsworth Fringe Festival, Justine Kenyon and the Wandsworth Arts Team, Emma Bebb and the Doodle Bar events team

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform aims to showcase new, experimental dance works

and the evening did just that.

Rebecca Gwyther, A Younger Theatre

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Trace by Mara Vivas

Inspired by photographer Jon Crispin’s Willard Asylum Suitcase project, the piece explores memory and it’s impact on perception of space. A woman navigates the familiar, sometimes recalling long-buried experiences.



Contemplating distraction by Rosa Manzi Reid

In creating the piece the dancers improvised with the concept of distraction. Distracted mind, distracted movements.




Chance by Giulia Tacconi

A search for the most interesting and satisfying moments of surprise when the body creates new actions, gestures and feelings.




The Inter Pares Project by Julie Havelund and Agnese Lanza

A duet about simplicity and reality that draws on the architecture and the audience to make each performance site-specific and unique.




The Body Canvas by Julie Schmidt Andreasen and Paul Vernon

A painter, drawer, filmmaker, and dancers move through a series of structured meetings, developing communication and expression.

The culmination of months of laboratories is both a fictional piece and a documentary.


Urban constellations by Fenia Kotsopoulou

Urban constellations explores the different relationships between urban space & body, movement & camera, colour & time, inner rhythm & music revealing the hidden forces and common elements interconnected in one combination.



Skin flaps by Bea Bonafini

Ebb and flow by Laura Elias

Unique installations created in response to TESTBED1.


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With support by the IdeasTap Innovators Fund, the Wandsworth Fringe Festival, the Wandsworth Arts team, Testbed 1, Doodle Bar and Embody Dance

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