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As well as organising platform performances we develop a network with emerging female choreographers. We run professional development meetings and work in progress sharings with peer feedback, and we publish listings of small-scale independent dance performances.


Past professional development meetings


Our fifth meeting was all about articulating your work. Konstantina lead a workshop helping the participants with their artistic statements. You can download the worksheet we prepared on our blog.


The theme at our fourth meeting in June 2016 was funding with a focus on Grants for the Arts by Arts Council England. We invited guest speakers Rachel Johnson and Monica Nicolaides, who have both applied to GftA.


At our third meeting in March 2016 we invited all attendants to think back at the residency and performance opportunities they had taken part in and to share their experiences with each other. We encourage you to think proactively about the opportunities you apply for and to make informed decisions.


For our second meeting in September 2015 we had the honour to have choreographer, scholar and teacher Julia Gleich speak to us about what it's like to "make it" as a choreographer and to discuss with us notions of success as well as ways to develop your careers.


In May 2015 Megan Preston of 'Dance London' and 'Awareness through Dance' spoke to us about discovering your brand as choreographers. Megan developed a worksheet that she has kindly agreed for us to share with those who couldn’t take part.

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I loved the sense of community I felt when I first saw the platform.

Mara Vivas, audience member at the first platform and choreographer at the second platform

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I was very impressed by the efficiency of the organisers, their passion in what they were doing, the attention they had for details and how they took care of us as artists in a very warm and friendly way.

Agnese Lanza, choreographer at the second platform

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We got so much valuable material – both tangible and in terms of support, which I am truly thankful for. The quality of the photography and film is of a very high standard and was delivered to us very quickly after the event. […] The marketing and publicity carried out before and after the event by Lucia and Konstantina was also hugely helpful because we have often had to do all marketing for platforms ourselves, and having the support from you meant that the word got around so much wider and quicker.

Julie Havelund, choreographer at the second platform

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I was also extremely happy with the Q+A at Kaleidoscopic Arts. It sparked many further conversations following the platform, receiving extremely useful constructive feedback about the work.

Lizzie J Klotz, choreographer at the first and third platform

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