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Independent dance in London

Sleeping Beauty and Divertissements

By Kaleidoscopic Arts, Dec 7 2016 02:46PM

28th February 2017

1pm and 7pm

The Brindley Theatre, High Street, Runcorn Wa7 1BG

Full £13 Senior £11 Junior £11

Allegrodance Touring Company will perform excerpts of the Fairy Tale Sleeping Beauty. The performance also includes choreographies in Spanish dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical Modern Commercial Street dance and Musical Theatre

The Sleeping Beauty:

“The court assembles for Princess Aurora's christening. The five fairies present their gifts. Carabosse, a fairy overlooked by the master of ceremonies, enters. She curses Aurora. The Princess shall die on her 16th birthday, she says, after pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. The remaining seventh fairy the Lilac Fairy comes forward. She cannot put the curse to rest, but she can soften it. The Princess shall not die, she commands, but sleep one hundred years. At the end of that term, a Prince will awaken her with true love's kiss.”

This Touring Company takes dance to the community and aims to raise the quality of arts education amongst young people through innovative performances. Our interactive workshops offer opportunities for individuals to engage in diverse and creative activities.

Choreography: Kate Simmons and Faculty

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