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Independent dance in London

Resolution: Clémence Hémard- Hermitant and Ellen Johansson, Jayne Port and Emmeline Cresswell

By Kaleidoscopic Arts, Jan 12 2017 09:50AM

26th January 2017 8pm

The Place 17 Duke's Road London WC1H 9PY


Clémence Hémard- Hermitant and Ellen Johansson present


"No sooner do we come into this world than bits of us start to fall off” (Gustave Flaubert) Sculpture and dance converse on growth, alteration and erosion in a humorous and tender exchange.”

Static carcasses inhabit the stage, as ethereal presences hinting at the ephemeral aspect of life. A spark of vigour brought by the dancer begins a conversation about the ever-changing body and the cycles it goes through. Short stories on what we are and what we become.

Jayne Port presents


Two men enter a forest… Fear meets mythical creature and strange happenings ensue. This solo evokes the ancient art of storytelling, the repeated saga moves from adventure to tale and brushes with legend as it recounts its yarn. Told through chant, their adventures are interlaced with age-old songs they translate with ever-dubious reliability.

Emmeline Cresswell Company presents


A playful investigation into what it is to be human. Tipping from absurdity to tragedy three performers struggle to shed their human form and find temporary relief from being.

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Pibroch Tales by Jayne Port, Photo by Jonathon Vines
Pibroch Tales by Jayne Port, Photo by Jonathon Vines
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