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Independent dance in London

By Kaleidoscopic Arts, Jan 22 2017 07:48PM

24th January 8pm

The Place, 17 Dukes Road, WC1H 9PY London


MCDC – Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company


Riah creates a world in which a person’s hair stores all their memories. Imagine having the ability to look at a single hair and view the memory attached. Now imagine having the power to pull that hair out and erase the memory for good.

"If there is one thing this company must be rewarded for it is its originality, unique concepts and stage presence." - Luigi Ambrosio, Roehampton University


Instagram: mcdc_co

Twitter: MCDC_Co

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mcdccompany/

• Jannick Moth and Company

Cold Mountain

Three men crash, tumble and play fight through the space. With an original soundscore created from earthquakes, storms and eruptions, this is an instinctive and urgent journey through our animalistic nature.

• Cindy Claes Productions

Things aren’t always black or white

A dramatic and poetic dance story on mass incarceration, told through dancehall and hip hop.

“I was very impressed by her silky movement language, (…) It was powerful stuff, strongly performed by a charismatic dance artist.” -Graham Watts, Londondance

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Riah by Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company
Riah by Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company

By Kaleidoscopic Arts, Jan 12 2017 09:50AM

26th January 2017 8pm

The Place 17 Duke's Road London WC1H 9PY


Clémence Hémard- Hermitant and Ellen Johansson present


"No sooner do we come into this world than bits of us start to fall off” (Gustave Flaubert) Sculpture and dance converse on growth, alteration and erosion in a humorous and tender exchange.”

Static carcasses inhabit the stage, as ethereal presences hinting at the ephemeral aspect of life. A spark of vigour brought by the dancer begins a conversation about the ever-changing body and the cycles it goes through. Short stories on what we are and what we become.

Jayne Port presents


Two men enter a forest… Fear meets mythical creature and strange happenings ensue. This solo evokes the ancient art of storytelling, the repeated saga moves from adventure to tale and brushes with legend as it recounts its yarn. Told through chant, their adventures are interlaced with age-old songs they translate with ever-dubious reliability.

Emmeline Cresswell Company presents


A playful investigation into what it is to be human. Tipping from absurdity to tragedy three performers struggle to shed their human form and find temporary relief from being.

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Pibroch Tales by Jayne Port, Photo by Jonathon Vines
Pibroch Tales by Jayne Port, Photo by Jonathon Vines

By Kaleidoscopic Arts, Dec 7 2016 02:46PM

28th February 2017

1pm and 7pm

The Brindley Theatre, High Street, Runcorn Wa7 1BG

Full £13 Senior £11 Junior £11

Allegrodance Touring Company will perform excerpts of the Fairy Tale Sleeping Beauty. The performance also includes choreographies in Spanish dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical Modern Commercial Street dance and Musical Theatre

The Sleeping Beauty:

“The court assembles for Princess Aurora's christening. The five fairies present their gifts. Carabosse, a fairy overlooked by the master of ceremonies, enters. She curses Aurora. The Princess shall die on her 16th birthday, she says, after pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. The remaining seventh fairy the Lilac Fairy comes forward. She cannot put the curse to rest, but she can soften it. The Princess shall not die, she commands, but sleep one hundred years. At the end of that term, a Prince will awaken her with true love's kiss.”

This Touring Company takes dance to the community and aims to raise the quality of arts education amongst young people through innovative performances. Our interactive workshops offer opportunities for individuals to engage in diverse and creative activities.

Choreography: Kate Simmons and Faculty

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By Kaleidoscopic Arts, Aug 22 2016 06:14PM

3rd September 2016


Young Actors Theatre

70-72 Barnsbury Rd, London N1 0ES


An exciting double bill contemporary dance performance brought to you by MonixArts and sharing the evening with The Natashas Project. Performing at the Young Actors Theatre, Islington on 3rd September at 7:30pm.

'SIGNS' is a contemporary dance piece, fusing contemporary dance with British Sign Language. Performed by two female dancers, this exciting and intricate duet takes inspiration from Colin Thompson's poem 'If I told you I was deaf would you turn away'. Accompanied by an originally composed music score, it is a highly physical performance that explores the importance of body language in British Sign Language, and the barriers of a deaf person trying to communicate in a hearing world.

‘SIGNS’ is an Arts Council England funded project with support from Arch 197, Candoco, Hive and Clarence Mews.

Composer: Zory Burner

Dancers: Erena Bordon Sanchez, Laura Heywood

Choreographer: Monica Nicolaides

Producer: Lottie Barker

W | www.monixarts.com

F | www.facebook.com/monixarts

T | @MonixArts

Also, featuring in the show The Natashas Project presenting their latest piece 'NATASHAS'.

NATASHAS is a contemporary dance production takes the audience on a journey through realities of those trapped in sex slavery and trafficked around from around the world. The Natashas Project has joined the battle against human trafficking, will you?

Dancers: Harriet Parker-Beldeau, Katie Albon, Eva James, Sarah Gaul, Erena Bordon Sanchez.

Choreographer: Erena Bordon Sanchez

W | www.thenatashasproject.com

F | The Natashas Project

Event link :


Tickets at £8.50 are available online via Eventbrite :


© Jeremy Henderson (2016)
© Jeremy Henderson (2016)
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