A  R  T  S     P  L  A  T  F  O  R  M

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Pibroch Tales by Jayne Port

Two men enter a forest… Fear meets mythical creature and strange happenings ensue. This solo evokes the ancient art of storytelling; the repeated saga moves from adventure to tale and brushes with legend as it recounts its yarn. Told through chant, their adventures are interlaced with age-old songs translated with ever-dubious reliability… with a couple of extra stories along the way.


double pendulum by Helen Cox

In double pendulum we see two people push, pull, flourish and falter, but never stop. Two bodies explore the interdependence of a human relationship finding that the greater the connection the more complex it becomes.


Living with Sin by Lucidez Dance

Living with Sin’ asks how Eve’s original sin has affected womanhood throughout history. The dance wonders in how far our ancestors’ experiences of culture and religion may affect subsequent generations.

One woman embodies womanhood throughout the ages. In her, all experiences are united.


The Way They Were Then by Feet off the Ground Dance

The Way They Were Then gives recognition to women whose unique journeys left imprints big and small. Through live music and powerful movement, Feet off the Ground Dance bring these stories to life. Inspired by Mujeres, a collection of short stories by the politically driven author Eduardo Galeano, whose book illuminates both renowned and unknown women from across the world.



STADTKÖRPER curated and co-created by Elisabeth Schilling

The exhibition STADTKÖRPER is a collaborative project between a dancer and different photographers. Created in 2013, the work took inspiration in the architectural city scape of the Berlin of today. Dance, an artform of the presence unites with the still image of photography; thus atmospheres, expressions, shapes and impressions are being captured.

Fourth platform

Part of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival

Wilditch Community Centre

19 May 2017


Choreography by Jayne Port, Helen Cox, Lucidez Dance and Feet off the Ground Dance

Photography exhibition curated and co-created by Elisabeth Schilling

A theatrical outlet for diversity, equality and sheer talent.

Tia Asterope, dance journalist and arts & culture entrepreneur

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With support by the Wandsworth Fringe Festival and Wandsworth Arts Council

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Photography by Liz Gorman

Many thanks to Nick Herman, Liz Gorman, Inês Neto Dos Santos, Cath Mattos, Lelia Greci, Bruce Murdoch, Chantal Guevara, Lise Uytterhoeven, Rolli Schweigert, Georgia and Savvas Skaliontas, Claudia Maluenda and Marcus Schweigert, and all our Crowdfunder contributors.

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