A  R  T  S     P  L  A  T  F  O  R  M

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First platform

47/49 Tanner Street

13 November 2014


Choreography by Lucy Wild and Marah Wilson, Lizzie J Klotz, Konstantina Skalionta and Lucia Schweigert

Photography by Inês Neto Dos Santos

Many thanks to Rosie and Polly of 47/49 Tanner Street (now Ugly Duck)

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The discussion afterwards was energetic and inclusive, and evidently helped both the performers and the audience to understand the pieces and the topics raised better.

Polly Robbins, Ugly Duck

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At its most silent hour by Lucy Wild and Marah Wilson

The audience is invited to observe a ritual between two women who strive to reiterate connection to the Earth and connection between human beings. They arrest time and space to provoke us to remember what is simple, beautiful and primal about being human and being alive.



Beauty-fool by Konstantina Skalionta

The more you go after 'beauty', the more it digs into your skin like a thorn. A thorn which stings you with the fear that the world cannot take the real 'you'. One must be beautiful, but one only succeeds in being a ‘beauty-fool’ and you are only liberated when you realise the real beauty lies inside you...



Can you be free? by Lucia Schweigert

“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” Jean-Paul Sartre


We have expectations and hopes for our futures and we carry with us experiences and memories. Can you be free? explores how our present-day choices can let the unchangeable facts of our past influence our future in different ways. It’s an invitation to ponder on the relationship between our past, present and future.



Too much noise, not enough nuts by Lizzie J Klotz

A chaotic investigation of human interaction and conversation. What are our behavioural habits? Our social habits? A manic conversation of unrelated movements.

With support by 47/49 Tanner Street

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