A  R  T  S     P  L  A  T  F  O  R  M

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We showcase exciting, experimental, moving, beautiful,  thought-provoking and stimulating contemporary dance works by emerging female choreographers.


Each platform takes place in an unconventional space and opens the floor for a post-performance Q&A.



By having each platform take place in a unique space - not traditionally intended for dance - the works appear in a new, informal context. They become intimately close, more accessible, and more impactful.



A dialogue between the audience and choreographers gives

the chance to ask questions and to gain insight into each others’ vision and perception.

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We also organise professional development meetings and work in progress sharings for emerging female choreographers.

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Who we are

Kaleidoscopic Arts was founded by dance artists and independent choreographers Konstantina Skalionta and Lucia Schweigert in 2014.

Together they oversee all aspects of running Kaleidoscopic Arts. In 2015 Cecilia Berghäll joined them as general assistant.

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It is our mission to support emerging female choreographers in making and promoting their work and making it accessible to a diverse audience, as well as advancing their careers. We want to enable dance and non-dance audiences to experience the diversity and excellence of work by female choreographers. We respond in this way to the issue that the current UK contemporary dance scene is dominated, not in quality and quantity, but in publicity and popularity, by male choreographers.

Why focus on female choreographers?

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