Kaleidoscope 2.14MB - Copy

A R T S  P L A T F O R M

Contemporary dance platform and network

for emerging female choreographers

using unconventional performance spaces &

inviting frank post-performance discussion

Network Events

The fourth Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform took place on Friday, May 19!


We were once again part of the wonderful Wandsworth Fringe Festival.


We showcased dance by Feet off the Ground Dance, Helen Cox, Lucidez Dance and Jayne Port and exhibited a photography exhibition curated and co-created by Elisabeth Schilling. The performances were followed by a post-performance Q&A.



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Our seventh network meeting for professional development took place on September 29th.


We have invited guest speaker Thea Stanton, communications co-ordinator at the ITC - Independent Theatre Council to join us. She spoke to us about choreographers’ legal rights, correct rates and conditions and about negotiating contracts.


Then we had a look at the contracts in use in the independent contemporary dance sector at the moment and analysed what’s good, what’s missing and what needs improving. The outcome, a template that emerging artists can use in their actual practice, will be posted here and on our blog soon! In the absence of templates suitable for independent artists at this stage of their career this will fill a gap and help artists behave professionally from the outset.


It was our most exciting and forwards-pushing workshop yet.

Our eighth network meeting for professional development will take place in December.


We will announce the exact date soon!


An Equity member will join us and help us understand how we should act when we are treated

unfairly when accepting "an opportunity".


Watch this space. We can't wait to have you join us!


Our fourth work in progress sharing will take place on 16th November. If you also want to share your work, let us know,

so that we can get it planned!