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Our eighth network meeting for professional development will take place on 12th December as always

at the wonderful Centre 151.


We have invited Paul Fleming from Equity UK and he will join us alongside an Equity Dance Committee member to discuss in further depth how to navigate the low pay/no pay world of "opportunities" available to emerging choreographers.


Our focus is on creating awareness and knowledge of what is proper practise and what isn't, so that you can make informed and useful decisions on which opportunities will be helpful for your work and your ambitions!


Tickets are £3 + a 30p booking fee and must be bought in advance by Monday, 11th December 6pm. All ticket revenue goes to covering the space hire and if we make more than that it goes into the Kaleidoscopic Arts pot,

where it will support artists in the creation and presentation of their work!

A R T S  P L A T F O R M

Contemporary dance platform and network

for emerging female choreographers

using unconventional performance spaces &

inviting frank post-performance discussion

Network Events

The fourth Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform took place on Friday, May 19!


We were once again part of the wonderful Wandsworth Fringe Festival.


We showcased dance by Feet off the Ground Dance, Helen Cox, Lucidez Dance and Jayne Port and exhibited a photography exhibition curated and co-created by Elisabeth Schilling. The performances were followed by a post-performance Q&A.



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Our fourth work in progress sharing took place on 16th November:

Ffion Campbell-Davies and Konstantina Skalionta shared their works for peer feedback.


If you also want to share your work, let us know, so that we can get it planned!

With financial support by ourselves and in-kind support towards space hire thanks to the on-going support by Centre 151,

your financial  contribution is kept to a minimum!

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