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A R T S  P L A T F O R M

Contemporary dance platform and network

for emerging female choreographers

using unconventional performance spaces &

inviting frank post-performance discussion

Network Events

Get your tickets! The fourth Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform takes place on Friday, May 19!


We will once again be part of the wonderful Wandsworth Fringe Festival.


We will showcase dance by Feet off the Ground Dance, Helen Cox, Lucidez Dance and Jayne Port and exhibit a photography exhibition curated and co-created by Elisabeth Schilling. The performances are followed by a post-performance Q&A.

Coming up

Our recent crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has been a success. We cannot thank everyone who contributed enough!


Now, we are looking forwards to running the next platform, to paying our artists the best fees ever

and of course to crafting and preparing our rewards for our backers!


See our campaign Tickets